Frequently Asked Questions


What are the fees for The Women’s Community services?
Nothing — all services are free of charge.

Do you help men?
Yes. We serve men, women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.


If I call to talk to someone will you report what I say to the authorities?
No. All information is kept confidential. You are welcome to remain anonymous. If you are a minor, or calling about a minor, we may need to report suspected abuse to the authorities.

Sexual Assault

I do not want to report being raped. If I go to the hospital will they report what happened?
No. If you are over the age of 18 you do not have to report to law enforcement. If you have been sexually assaulted, we encourage you to seek medical attention.

Children, Youth and Adolescents

Is it illegal for my teen to have sex?
In the state of Wisconsin you must be 18 to legally consent to sexual intercourse and 16 to consent to sexual contact.

My child is touching herself in the private areas, is this normal?
Children may explore parts of their bodies at different ages — it is not necessarily a sign that your child is being sexually abused. It is always best to talk to a pediatrician about these concerns.

At what age should I start talking to my child about safe touch?
It is never too early to teach your child about personal body rights.

How can I protect my child from child sexual abuse?
Education is the best defense against child sexual abuse. An educated child has the ability to recognize dangerous/uncomfortable situations and will be more likely to tell you if abuse has occurred.

What are the signs of child sexual abuse?
Many children do not reveal sexual abuse — it is up to adults to recognize signs of abuse. None of these behaviors alone indicate abuse, but a combination over a period of time might indicate that a child is, or has been, abused:

  • physical complaints
  • fear or dislike of certain people or places
  • extreme changes in behavior
  • depression and withdrawal
  • sleep disturbances
  • nightmares
  • regression to infantile behavior
  • age-inappropriate interest in sexual matters
  • excessive masturbation
  • frequent genital infections or irritation
  • difficulty with bowel movements, urination
  • swelling of genital area


How Can I Help?

What kind of donations are needed by The Women’s Community?
In addition to financial donations, we accept many items, including seasonal clothing. Please see the wish list for all other donations accepted.