Support Groups

All services we provide are free and confidential.

** Everyone must meet with the advocate on a day prior to the day of your first group meeting.

Call to set up an appointment. **

Leaving a violent home or reporting a sexual assault isn’t easy. Our domestic violence and sexual assault support groups provide you with a safe place to share the challenges you face, learn from others and gather the resources you need to heal.

Campus Circle of Support. This group is designed for UWSP students and will be an eight week psychoeducational peer to peer support group for those impacted by interpersonal violence. Group begins in mid-February. Please contact Jessica at 715-842-7323 or

Children’s Group and Childcare: For children of all ages who have witnessed or whose mothers have been affected by domestic and/or sexual abuse. We help children cope with their exposure to domestic or sexual violence. Together, we can make your child feel safe, decrease their anxiety, improve school readiness and help them express their anxieties. Please contact Shannon at 715-842-7323 or before bringing your children to their first group.

Healing from Sexual Abuse: A group for women affected by sexual assault/abuse. Please contact Jessica at 715-842-7323 or

Healing Through Art: A program offered to those affected by domestic abuse/sexual assault that promotes personal creativity and the healing process in a safe environment. Please contact us for more information: 715-842-7323 or

Parents Helping Parents:  A group designed for non offending parents/guardians who have a child that has been affected by sexual abuse.   Please contact Jessica at 715-842-7323 or

Peer Online Survivor Group. A group designed for survivors of sexual abuse/assault.  Will be offered online, beginning in February. Please contact Jessica at 715-842-7323 or

Safe and Healthy Support Group: This group is for women over the age of fifty who have been affected by domestic abuse. This group is available at two times: during the day and in the late afternoon/early evening. Please contact Debi: 715-842-7323 or

Safe Space Teen Group:   A group designed for teens ages 13-18 impacted by abuse. Please contact Kimberly for more information: 715-842-7323 or

Southeast Asian Women’s Group: A day group for Southeast Asian women where they can find support for issues they are concerned about. Please contact Monica for information:

Support Group for Survivors of Domestic Abuse: Facilitated, weekly closed group for survivors of domestic abuse.  Designed to help understand and heal after abuse in a safe, supportive setting.  Child care provided.  Please contact Shannon or Ashley: 715-842-7323 or or

Wholesome Love: Wholesome Love is a unique 8-week support group designed for African American Women impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault. The goal is to create a sense of community, where participants can feel heard, accepted, validated, and supported, and where participants can transition from surviving to thriving. If you would like to participate or have questions, please talk to your Advocate.

Can’t find the group you are looking for?  Other groups are added as necessary.  Contact The Women’s Community for information and tell them what you are looking for: (replace AT with @) or call 888-665-1234.

Group members must be 18 years or older to attended TWC support groups unless otherwise mentioned in the above list.