Make A Referral

What can you do if you suspect someone is being abused? Call The Women’s Community at 1-888-665-1234 or 715-842-7323. Our trained staff and volunteers can speak with you to discuss what community resources are available.

If you are the friend or co-worker of someone who has been abused or assaulted:

  • Do not directly confront the person. For the victim’s safety, it is best if s/he personally discloses the abuse.
  • Listen and be supportive if the victim opens up to you.
  • If the victim confides in you, encourage him/her to contact The Women’s Community.
  • If you witness an incident at work, contact your supervisor or law enforcement immediately. Document the incident.

If you are the supervisor or manager of an employee who is being abused or has been assaulted:

  • Contact The Women’s Community — we can help you familiarize yourself with community resources.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times. This is critical to the victim’s safety.
  • If an incident occurs at work, contact law enforcement. Assist the victim with documenting the incident.
  • Take note of absences, bruises or emotional distress. Be supportive.
  • Confidentially contact human resources manager to discuss your concerns, resources available, security measures and ways to support the employee.
  • Alert appropriate personnel if you feel there is a risk of an incident at work.