Legal Advocacy

For victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault, legal issues can raise many questions:

  • What happens to you, your children, your home, and your possessions when you leave an abuser?
  • What happens when you report to law enforcement?
  • How do I get a restraining order?

Advocates from the Women’s Community will work with you to answer those questions, obtain the necessary legal paperwork, meet with law enforcement officials and locate the legal assistance you need — to ensure your rights, and those of your children, are protected.

Women’s Community advocates provide assistance that can help you:

  • Understand the legal system process
  • Accompany you to court hearings
  • Assist you with filing restraining and harassment orders
  • Assist you with options for visitation, custody, divorce, property matters, immigration status
  • Provide therapy, legal and medical referrals
  • Identify community resources