Annual Report

Below is information from our 2016 Annual Report. To read past Annual Reports please visit our Annual Report Archives.


Total number of adults served: 1,811

  • Female: 1,433
  • Male:  196
  • Transgender: 1
  • Undisclosed: 181

Total number of adults affected by domestic violence only:  1304

Total number of adults affected by sexual assault only:  328

Total number of adults with dual victimizations (both domestic and sexual violence): 124

Total number of adults affected by human trafficking:  18

Total number of adults as non-offending parents/relatives who were secondary victims to children who experienced child abuse/neglect:  12

Total number of children served: 451

  • Total number of children affected by sexual abuse: 177
  • Total number of children affected by physical abuse/neglect: 18
  • Total number of children witness to domestic violence: 263
  • Total number of children affected by human trafficking: 4

Shelter totals

172 Sheltered: 87 Women, 85 Children

8,606 Nights of Shelter


All TWC services are funded by local, state and federal grants, the generous support of numerous individuals and corporations, the United Way of Marathon County, and fundraising activities. All services are free to victims because no victim should ever have to pay for being a victim.

Community Support

Click the link below to see photos of donors and supporters of The Women’s Community in 2016. Thank you all for your support of The Women’s Community and the survivors we serve!

Community Support 2016