Our Mission

Provide specialized services and resources to people in central Wisconsin affected by domestic violence, sexual casualty and unemployment. Our goal is to help individuals and families attain greater emotional and economic self-sufficiency.

Serving Victims of Domestic and Sexual Abuse

The Women’s Community is a non-profit organization serving victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault throughout Marathon County, Wisconsin. We welcome victims of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations. We serve everyone, including special populations that may face additional cultural or gender pressures — Hmong, Hispanic, gays/lesbians/transsexuals, the elderly, men, and those with hearing disabilities.

We provide the following free services:

  • Confidential shelter, food and clothing
  • Making the transition to an abuse-free life
  • Counseling
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Advocacy
  • Services for children who have been abused or assaulted
  • Services for teens who have been abused or assaulted
  • Sexual assault services
  • Support groups for victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault