When domestic violence occurs, it impacts the entire household. This includes children, as well as pets. We recently had our annual Block Party, giving the kids a moment to relax and just be kids, something that is so simple that is also taken from them when they live in an abusive home. This upcoming weekend, we will take a moment to raise awareness for the pets of the home.

Abuse oftentimes can involve pets, and that can look a lot of different ways. They can be the first victims in the home. Our pets mean a lot to us, so they can easily be used to manipulate a survivor. They can be the reason why a survivor stays with their abuser, with forty percent of abused women staying in an abusive home simply because they refuse to leave their pets behind. They can also serve as a reason to leave:

“My dog saved my life. I was able to justify the abuse I was enduring at the hands of my porter. I truly believed that I deserved what was happening to me. But when he started beating my dog like he beat me…that look in my dog’s eyes…I knew I wasn’t in a safe situation. I knew this wasn’t right. I knew I had to keep us safe. I knew we had to go.”

– Survivor

The dog walk, cleverly named SafeFur Homes, will take place on October 13th, 2018 from 11-1 at Marathon Park. All well behaved dogs that are up to date on their shots are welcome.