Social Media in Teen Dating Violence

It comes as no surprise that social media has effected the previous routine in terms of communicating. But how does that reflect in teenage relationships? As technology evolved, with it came social media. Keeping up with the newest social media trend can at times be daunting; however it is important to understand how teens are communicating to each other.  75% of teens use Instagram and Snapchat, while only 66% use Facebook, which is something parents seem to be less and less aware of.

With the usage of social media going up teen relationships have changed primarily in the ways of communication, now each partner has the ability to connect or “check in” with their significant other at any moment, and 11% expect it. This means that is the relationship is already unhealthy, the power the aggressor has is that much stronger. It means that their ability to manipulate their partner is expanded.

This means parents need to be diligent in knowing what their teens are choosing to post of their social media accounts, and maybe having a discussion over the importance of privacy, especially online. As times change, it is important that our conversations and the way we work with kids change along with it.

Kira Steltenpohl, Children’s Advocate in the Domestic Violence Program