Women's Community Butterfly Effect Challenge
Women's Community Butterfly Effect Donate

Double your support and impact. Donations are matched Dollar-for-Dollar by a generous grant from Carl & Barbara Drake.

The Cause

The Women’s Community has been serving individuals in central Wisconsin since 1978. The community came together 5 years ago build a new facility where children, teens, and adult victims of abuse can better be cared for and to help change the way we respond to those in need. Domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking know no boundaries and it can happen to anyone. As our culture continues to change, the programs and needs continue to grow and change. There is a need for your support.

The #ButterflyEffectChallenge

Help us to educate others and create change to end abuse by participating in the #ButterflyEffectChallenge. The Challenge kicks off in April with promotions through July, but we hope this keeps going and continues throughout the rest of 2017. The theme is fitting because butterflies symbolize change, rebirth, renewal, happiness, and transformation…similar to the stages victims of abuse experience. Your support in this great cause will help build awareness, generate funds, maintain the facility, and advance programming.

Create. Commit. Challenge.

Click through the butterflies to help get you started. You can find ideas on our Pinterest board.

Participate in the Challenge

Thank you for your interest in participating in the #ButterflyEffectChallenge. Display, hang, wear, paint, design, and showcase your butterflies with your commitment to help create change throughout our community to end all abuse.

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